10 reasons why you should upgrade to Xero

It's easy to use

There is only 4 menu in Xero. Once you learned the navigation, it's very easy to navigate as all the screen uses the same concept for entering information.

Your sales team can generate quote and invoices

Xero is for unlimited users. Your sales team can be assigned access to generate quote and invoices without having access to financial information. They can select from pre-determined product and pricing but have full flexibility to change to catered for changing business needs. Xero is on mobile apps. Use it on the move to generate quote quickly and send via email using Xero email template.

Xero reports is exceptional

Besides the usual balance sheet, cash flow, profit and loss, sales tax report there is management report where you can compare month by month, quarter by quarters and even compare to last 2 to 3 years, seeing comparison side by side. As business owner or chief financial officer, it can help you make better decisions.

No more data entry

Use Xero to capture paper invoices, receipts and bill and turn it into digital documents and also create accounting entry without doing any data entry. No more folders and filing, store all financial documents in Xero for each searching, auditing and tax filing.


Use Xero to send reminders for outstanding payments automatically. Get Xero to automatically generate monthly invoices and email to clients. Setup your TNB, Water, Telecommunication bill to be sent to Xero email so that it's automatically filed and accounting entry created.

Expenses Submission and Approval

Use Xero expenses so that all your employees can scan receipt and claim mileage using Xero expenses app. The scanning app will read the text and automatically populate the necessary fields. Supervisor will received notification to perform approval on mobile apps. All accounting entry are automatically captured into Xero, no data entry. No more paper claim submission, scanning of receipts and filling it. All documents are inside your Xero with unlimited storage for your financial documents.

Time and material tracking for Project

Xero projects allows you to track financial information by project. All invoices, bills and expenses related to project are group together and it will also allow time and expenses tracking. Basically allows you to perform project budgeting and then track progress and perform the financial monitoring.

Easy to re-concile

Connect Xero to your supported bank and get real-time bank transaction feed into Xero. No more monthly bank statement download and perform accounting entry matching. Let Xero AI and machine learning robot help you perform the reconciliation.

Access to book keepers and accountant

Your Xero advisors can access the system and help you with using the system and guide you through the setup and handle any errors you encountered. If you are a business owner, Xero advisors can help you with you books.

Hassle free system maintenance

You don't need to worry about system backup, data backup and security. Everything is taken care of by Xero. Xero provides enhancement throughout the years and upgrades are done automatically. Your subscription means you will be getting new features to make your work simpler, easier, faster and better decision making.