Bitrix24 Industry Specific Customization

Bitrix24 For Service Provider

Service provider are businesses that provide a combination of product & services. Example of service provider are PV Solar System Provider, Water Filter Systems provider, F&B Machinery, Ice cream machine distributor etc.

This custom solution is suitable for businesses that intend to manage sales leads, physical visits, quote, invoice, contract/agreement, inventory, warehouse stocks, installer team, scheduling and commission calculation.


Custom solution by FusionETA

Bitrix24 On-Premise Implementation

FusionETA CRM System on Bitrix24 On Premise

Bitrix24 On Premise Implementation

Bitrix24 On Premise allows you to do full customization and get access to the MySQL database for advance analytics. You will get access to the source code and perform Bitrix24 enhancement to meet your specific business requirement.

If you are concern with data security, Bitrix24 on-premise will allow you keep your data in your own server. We can perform installation and setup Bitrix24 on-premise on your own server or into AWS EC2, Google Cloud Compute or Microsoft Azure.

In FusionETA, we use our on-premise platform to host various stand-alone PHP & Python applications that integrates to Bitrix24. Drop us a chat to request demo access to our on-premise server.

Bitrix24 On Premise Chinese Language Pack

We can help you with translation to various languages so that your Bitrix24 is multi-language.

Advance Automation - Bitrix24 Workflow

Email Automation using Bitrix24

Routing email based on subject

Case Study - A large US retailers wants to create a deal card (record in Kanban) for every request coming via email. The email must be grouped by the subject and email address so that customer service can work on each deal / request by either assigning it, escalating it or respond to it and have all communication and activities perform on this request tracked in Bitrix24.

Click on the left image to view video of the functionality.

Email Automation using Bitrix24

Bitrix24 Multi-channel capabilities (WhatsApp and Email Demo)

Case Study - A health and wellness company wish to provide more channels to their clients to reach out to them and wanted their contact center service agent able to correspond to the customer using a single platform and all communication are tracked against the customer (communication history).

Click on the left image to view video of the functionality showcasing WhatsApp and email correspondence by client and agents reply using Bitrix24.

Corporate Wazzup

Corporate WhatsApp Solution

Do you want to track all WhatsApp communication between your sales team and client?

Do you want to send out WhatsApp notification automatically based on Task completion in Bitrix24?

Implement Corporate WhatsApp. It is like a corporate telephone line in your office where you have a single number and have extension to every single employee.


Start from MYR100 per month / RM1,200 per year for 100 chats per month. Unlimited chat is RM4,000 per year.

Advance Analytics

Online Store PowerBI Report

Analytics Power BI Dashboard

Case Study - Most of our clientsare facing a significant challenge in understanding and optimizing their sales performance. Even though they have accumulated a massive amount of sales data over the years but they are struggling to extract actionable insights from this data to make informed decisions and improve their sales strategies.To address this challenge, we implement Power BI dashboard for our clients as the solution. Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool that can help the company transform their data into meaningful visualizations and interactive reports.

Image on the left is a sales performance dashboard we built for our Fusion ETA online store. Click on the left image to view the actual report.

Productivity Tools and Bitrix24 Application

Bitrix24 SPA Bulk Upload Tool

Bitrix24 SPA and List bulk import / upload tool

This tool is designed to help our clients with importing of data into any SPA entity or List entity and in any Bitrix24 instance, both on cloud and on-premise. It simplifies data import, saves time and reduces errors.

Click on the left image to learn more about this tool or the button below.

Bitrix24 Task Import Tool

Bitrix24 Task Import Tool (via API)

This tool is designed to import Task into Bitrix24 with capabilities to associate the task to project/workgroup and CRM items.

Use this tool to migrate existing data into Bitrix24 or to provide project manager the capabilities to perform project planning in excel and then upload into Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 Task Import Tool

Bitrix24 Run Workflow via API

This tool is designed to run Bitrix24 workflow based on a range specified. We use this tool to execute KYC/AMLA checking on all contact & company records in Bitrix24.

WA Image-to-Text Converter

whatsapp image to text extraction powered by Google Vision AI

Powered by Google Vision AI and Document AI, this capability will scan images and extract the text out from the image. We integrated this capability into WhatsApp and the extracted text are then stored into Bitrix24 for recording, tracking, search and filter capabilities or more advance analytics.

Click the image on the left to learn more about this tool.


XBRL generation tool

Automatically generates XBRL from data within Bitrix24. Based on SSM MBRS Taxonomy.

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