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Input your client full name to check the name across UNSCR, MOHA, BNM, SC and Politically Linked Person (PEP) database. A report will be sent to you as evidence of you performing the checks.



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You will get a pdf report based on the checking result


We cover UNSCR, MOHA, SC, BNM and PEP


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The system will perform KYC checks to ensure your organisation have capture sufficient data about your customer. Both individual and corporate entity is checked and are recorded in system for tracking. A KYC scoring will reflect how complete the information is so that your organisation can control your risk profile.

Screening is currently by performed by the system against MOHA, UNSCR Sanction List for Terrorism, BNM, Securities Commission, Sanction Country and High Risk Nature of Business.

The system can be expanded to include OFAC, AUSTRAC, Bankruptcies and many other lists deemed necessary.


Capture and store your customer information in a database. Fulfilled the KYC (know your customer) requirements and support easy storage and retrieval of identification documents (IC, M&A, SSM). The system will also allows you to capture activities and contact history between you and your client to provide better customer experience and 360 degrees view of your customer.


The platform will categorise client to 3 risk level; Low, Medium and High based on KYC score and the risk profiling screening done.

The risk profiling is done based on client information, product & services and geographic location.


The system will have workflow to execute additional checking required for EDD stage. Additional questionnaire and declaration will requested from customer whom has higher risk scoring.

The system will automatically generate STR reports to be provided to your regulatory bodies. This will ensure quick and accurate information are provided to your regulatory body as part of the compliance.
Data Compliance Report - DCR
DCR is one of the supervisory tools adopted by Bank Negara Malaysia as the competent authority under the AMLA. DCR becomes an annual reporting requirement beginning 2020 and is used to gauge reporting institutions’ compliance to the AMLA and AML/CFT and TFS for DNFBPs and NBFIs Policy Document (Policy Document), and monitoring of money laundering and terrorism financing risks. This system will generate the necessary supplementary documentation to support DCR submission.

Integrated Solution

  • Integrated solution using existing CRM data and workflow processes on contact and company.
  • You can execute screening on ad-hoc basis (manually) or configure it to run periodically based on time or based on events.
  • Report can be use as supplementary submission as part of DCR report to BNM.


  • System has logging in terms of when checking was done and with what information at that time.
  • Report are generated at contact or company level to indicate data that was checked and the KYC scoring and risk profile
  • The system will classify individual or corporate entity in 3 tier risk profiling; low, medium and high.
  • Individual or corporate entity with high risk profile will notify compliance officer and an approval process will be executed.

Screening Database

  • The system is pre-loaded with blacklist profile both individual and corporate entity published by MOHA, UNSCR, BNM and Security Commission.
  • Through the alert and notification provided by the regulatory bodies above, we help you to keep the list updated through the maintenance subscription.

Watch how to use Bitrix24 to perform AMLA checking

The checking can be run manually or scheduled for quarterly or annually generation. See the full video at https://www.loom.com/share/d912e644079b4622b56ccd7cb2981a8a

How to use AMLA checking system

FusionETA AML/CTF Solution Is For

Lawyers, Notaries Public and Accountants
Dealers in Precious Metals or Precious Stones
Trust Companies
Company Secretaries
Registered Real Estate Agents
Moneylenders and Pawnbrokers
Leasing and Factoring Companies
Other Non-Bank Financial Institutions
Suitable for small organization

per year

  • Integrated KYC and AML solution with your customers data (CRM) in one place
  • Up to 500 companies records
  • Unlimited KYC search
  • 1 user login
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Suitable for SMEs and growing team

per year

  • Integrated KYC and AML solution with your customers data (CRM) in one place
  • Unlimited companies records
  • Unlimited KYC search
  • Limited to 5 users
  • Free support on Data Compliance Reporting (DCR)
  • Client evaluation and on-boarding workflow
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For large firms and enterprises

Upon Request
per month

  • Fully integrated office solution comprising of CRM, project/task module, virtual office and cloud drive equipped with ready-made KYC and AML solution.
  • Unlimited company records
  • Unlimited KYC search
  • Unlimited users
  • Free support on Data Compliance Reporting (DCR)
  • Customized workflow with automation rule
  • Automated email reminder, document generation and etc
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