Application Testing by FusionETA

Automated Application Testing Services by FusionETA

FusionETA offers independent quality software testing services and solutions for our clients. Our experienced and deep-skilled quality assurance professionals have a hands-on, end-to-end understanding of the technologies and functional knowledge to help you to automate testing capabilities.

Whether you have desktop, mobile or next-gen-based applications, our software testing specialists work with a focused approach to help you get more out of your testing efforts and improve time to market, and thus, your ROI.

Case Study

Automated monitoring and testing capabilities we implemented for a client operating 24/7 digital secretarial services. As new capabilities are introduced into the platform frequently, we implemented a robot to test the system daily to ensure all basic functions are operating as expected.

Daily Test Execution & Monitoring

We use scheduler to execute our selenium scripts. We can control how frequent we want the test to be executed, daily, hourly, every 10 minutes.

Test Monitoring & Reporting

All test execution are captured and notify to the group for monitoring. Various notification method is supported, to Bitrix24, slack, SMS and emails.