CRM Software for Service Provider

(PV Solar System Provider, Water Filter Systems, F&B Machinery)

Custom configured Bitrix24 to support your business

Service provider process flow designed by FusionETA

Lead Management (Leads from FB, Google Ads, Email, Phone)

Are you currently doing manual input of leads into excel or using WhatsApp to forward the lead to person in charge?

Use Bitrix24 to merge all your leads into 1 system, build rule to auto assign and then track the leads whether it has been responded, a spam or is a qualified lead.
Deal Management (physical visit, proposal, system design)

Are you tracking your sales using excel or having daily meeting to discuss follow up?

Use Bitrix24 to track progress of each deal, create activity to plan physical visit, provide proposal and agreement and task to apply grant or permit. Monitor deal by project type, person in charge, region or value.

Inventory management / Warehouse Stock Management
Are you updating your inventory in excel or need to call or whatsapp your warehouse team to check stock?

Use Bitrix24 to automatically track your inventory or product stock. Manage new stock purchase, write-off, transfer of stock to different warehouse. Stock are reserved when picked during the deal progress stage and will be deducted from inventory when deal completed.

Installation Team Scheduling and Tracking

Use Bitrix24 to assign & schedule work to your installation team. See schedule in calendar view, use system to send notification 1-3 days prior to installation to notify installer and customer. Allow customer to rate and provide satisfaction survey.

Commission Calculation

Use Bitrix24 to calculate commission for sales team or installation team. Allow real-time view of commission earned to drive sales / measure performance.

Maintenance schedule, repair, incident management

Use Bitrix24 to automatically schedule maintenance based on pre-defined period. System can also be used to capture issue/incidents/repair work so that entire history from installation, maintenance to repair work is tracked in the system.