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Multi-channel communication and tracking capabilities CRM

Use Bitrix24 to connect to telephony, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and other social messaging application so that all communications are recorded and tracked against customer record. Your customer service only need to use a single platform to received customer request and to reply to the request.

Track each request and enable SLA (service level agreement) to the request so that your customer service can deliver a consistent and professional service to your client.

Social Messaging Software
Connect to Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram and many other social messaging software so that customer can connect to you through their preference channel and your customer service will received the message via Bitrix24
Corporate WhatsApp

Introduce a corporate WhatsApp number for your company so that all communication are tracked and recorded against customer profile. Your customer service team can notify and get back to customer via WhatsApp by using Bitrix24 platform.

Ticketing system capabilities
All client request are created as a ticket in the system. You can build SLA (service level agreement), escalation process and notification to ensure best service is delivered to your customer.

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For the Bitrix24 standard plan for up to 50 users
Training and Support Provided

We will teach you how to use via online training and support you throughout the subscription.

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