Bitcoin has dominated the cryptocurrency market over the years because Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and the rest of the market tends to follow its trends. Many businesses now recognize Bitcoin as a legitimate form of payment. For example, Microsoft enables their customer to pay using bitcoin for the digital content such as games, Microsoft apps, Xbox Live and others.

According to a recent Hartford Steam Boiler survey, approximately 36% of small to medium-sized businesses in the United States now accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services. FusionETA Malaysian businesses now accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment for our license and services.

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) can now be used to pay for Xero and Bitrix licenses. For example, a year's worth of Xero starter plan costs RM 1900, and you can pay with bitcoin at the current rate of BTC 0.10663. Same goes for Bitrix License, which costs RM 6000 per year and can be paid in bitcoin at the current rate of BTC 0.3355. The rate of bitcoin may vary depending on the current price of bitcoin.

Benefits of pay using Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin

No government interventions

There are no borders to consider because cryptocurrencies are not linked to any governments or regulatory agencies. You can avoid international transaction fees and exchange rates.

Make payment faster and secured

The intervention of third parties such as banks, notaries and advisors is no longer necessary and transactions can take place faster and cheaper. What’s also important to note is that Bitcoin isn’t a physical currency. For that reason, it’s impossible for thieves to pass off the holder. 

High level of privacy

To be able to conduct transactions through a bank, you must provide extensive personal information. You do not have to provide any personal information to make a cryptocurrency payment, and the transactions are completely anonymous.

How to pay Xero and Bitrix License using Bitcoin?

Here is the simplest way to pay using Bitcoin

Step 1. contact us for quotation

Please contact us for a quote on the services we offer. Send us an email at with the services you're interested in, and we'll quote you a price in Bitcoin.

Step 2. Agreed on the quotation 

Once you have agreed to the quotation price, we proceed with the payment using bitcoin. 

Step 3. Open your crypto wallet

Transfer Bitcoin to another wallet. We will provide our Bitcoin address and put our Bitcoin address in there and transfer the agreed-upon Bitcoin amount.

Step 2. we received the bitcoin

As soon as we receive the bitcoin, we will notify you and start delivering the services you paid for. Yes, easy and fast when paying using bitcoin.