XBRL File Generation Tool

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Generate XBRL file directly from Bitrix24

This tool generates XBRL file based on SSM MBRS specification of July 2022. By using this tool, you can basically bypass mTool and avoid having to manually key annual returns and financial data into MBRS mTool.


XBRL File Generator

A program that generates XBRL file based on your country XBRL specification / taxonomy. It has been developed for Malaysia SSM XBRL specification but can also support all countries adopting XBRL.


This program will automatically extract the data from Bitrix24 and generates the XBRL file automatically. It can be customized to extract data from your systems.

No data entry required

Using this program, we don't need staff to perform copy and paste work anymore. All incorporation, resolution, register book information that are kept in Bitrix24 are extracted and can then generate XBRL file directly for submission to SSM MBRS portal.