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Appointment Scheduling

Our Appointment Scheduling feature streamlines the process of managing appointments efficiently. Users can easily create and manage appointments and designate slots for participants.

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Are you struggling to efficiently manage appointments for your training sessions or events? Do you find it challenging to keep track of participant details, schedule slots, and ensure smooth communication throughout the process? 

Introducing our streamlined Appointment Scheduling feature designed to simplify the entire process from start to finish. With our intuitive platform, you can easily create, manage, and track appointments for your training sessions or events with ease.

At Pets Corner, organizing CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions for clinic staff can be a daunting task. Coordinating with multiple clinic doctors to select suitable slots, collecting participant details, and distributing certificates can lead to inefficiencies and complications. Pets Corner's Appointment Scheduling system simplifies the process by allowing clinic doctors to easily select slots for CPD sessions. Once a slot is chosen, clinic doctors receive an email with a link to a CRM form to input participant details. After the training, participants who attended receive digital certificates automatically, streamlining the CPD process for everyone involved.


1  Appointment Creation

Begin by creating a new appointment, providing essential details such as participant contact information and the name of the training session or event.

2  Participant Engagement

Once the appointment is created, our system automatically sends a participant list form to gather necessary information from attendees, ensuring all details are captured accurately.

3  Slot Allocation

Customize your appointment by setting open slots for participants to choose from. Our platform facilitates seamless communication by sending open slot links via email or message.

4  Participant Confirmation 

After participants submit the form and select their preferred slots, a new appointment is generated under the "In progress" status, indicating successful confirmation.

5  Attendance Management

On the day of the training session or event, easily check participant attendance and update their appointment status accordingly to "Attended" or "Absent".

6  Certificate Generation

For participants who successfully complete the training or event, our system automates the certificate generation process. Simply drag the participant's appointment to the "Send certificate" status, and our system will take care of the rest.

7  Outcome Tracking

Finally, track the outcome of each appointment by updating the status to "Appointment completed" or "Appointment cancelled", providing valuable insights for future planning.



Save time and effort with automated appointment creation, participant engagement, and document generation processes.


Stay organized with a centralized platform that keeps all appointment details and participant information in one place.


Ensure clear communication with participants through automated email or message notifications for slot allocation and updates.


Gain valuable insights into participant attendance and appointment outcomes to inform future scheduling decisions.