FusionETA platform is build on top of the most powerful yet affordable CRM platform, Bitrix24. We help you accelerate the adoption of Bitrix24 in your organization so that you can deliver better customer experience to your clients. Read about the 4 key capabilities will will implement for you and try out the demo.

Single customer database

Create a master customer database. Don't worry about your customer data, we will help you to migrate all your existing customer into our platform from CSV, Excel, phone book or existing systems. Consolidate your customer into a single place so that you know and understand your customer better and you don't have to track it via excel, phone book or multiple systems.


We have the best approach to using calendars in Bitrix24. Already using Google calendar? We will help you integrate all your calendars so you will never missed an event.

Use Bitrix24 appointment booking so that customer can choose available slot. You can use it to control available resources like rooms & equipment. The time slot is provided for your customer to select only when your calendar is free and available. Once the appointment is booked successfully, your calendar will update automatically and you will get a notification from our platform. All you need to do is complete setup the form anf the rest is done automatically.


Are your customer reaching out to you through various channel? Do you want to offer more communication channel to your customer? Let us help you integrate the channels into Bitrix24 so that all communications are tracked and recorded under the customer record. You customer service team just need to reply using Bitrix24 even though your customer send you an email, a chat, a FB message or WhatsApp you. Communication history are stored in one place to help your company can better aid customers by having an accurate depiction of the customer's history.


Use Bitrix24 automation to increase your organisation efficiency. With automatic document generation, your client can receive documents from you immediately. No waiting for admin staff to copy & paste information to document template, let Bitrix24 do the work.

Also, this feature ensure that all the document that your company sends out to your customers follow a consistent format and branding by enabling automatic generation of document. Try this feature now! It will automatically generate an quote and send to your mailbox.



Booth to team efficiency and productivity, never miss deadline again. Organize your task and projects - delegation, monitoring and time tracking, synchronized to the calendar.

Project Manaement

  • Project planning (Gannt, Kanban)
  • Task allocation and tracking
  • Recurring task
  • Sub-task and dependencies
  • Workgroups
  • Time Tracking

Employee time management

  • Advanced project planning
  • Resource management and progress tracking. 
  • Project calendars 
  • Interactive printable Gantt charts.

key takeaway

  • Easy implementation (no hardware required etc) and efficient disaster recovery
  • More scalability and flexibility for growth
  • Better collaboration, accessibility, communication and monitoring
  • Improve efficiency, lower production cost, reliability and consistent output (automation)