5 Key Benefits of Cloud Computing

There are some significant benefits to businesses using the cloud:

  1. Lower IT costs but improved experience
    Software upgrades, patches and backups are vital to keeping a business running. Cloud applications do most of this for you, saving on your IT support bill. And cloud software is often based on an affordable monthly subscription – not a big capital expense. Why manage IT in-house when you can have experienced professionals doing it for you?
  2. Faster updates
    Cloud software is being developed all the time. New features are added and bugs are fixed as quickly as possible. This means you always have the latest software – no need to wait a year for the next version.
  3. Access from anywhere at any time
    Cloud applications aren’t tied to a single desktop computer. You can access your software and data from wherever you happen to be as long as you have an internet connection. With most programs, you can use a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. Many newer applications will run in a web browser on almost any device.
  4. Better business continuity
    Power outages, fires, floods, burglaries, earthquakes – all of these are potential business risks. Cloud-based companies can recover faster from disaster than those with data stored on-site. They could be up and running within hours, instead of weeks or longer.
  5. Greater agility
    Cloud systems are often able to share data or integrate with each other. This means you can process your information in new and useful ways. For example, cloud software can integrate with cloud point-of-sale software. This means that your sales totals, stock orders and customer and supplier data flows easily between systems. You’ll be able to serve your customers better and adapt to their needs quickly.
Source: Xero