5 insights to automate your business

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A few things we have to agree on before we could proceed with the rest of this article:
  • If properly set up, robots and algorithms can perform routine tasks faster, better, and with more precision than any human ever could
  • Almost any recurring task or process that has several predefined stages and predictable outcomes can be automated to a certain degree (all the way up to 100%)
  • If there’s a manual process that can be automated, then it SHOULD be automated
If you generally agree with the statements above, then we are totally on the same page here. It’s a funny thing how people fully embrace certain aspects of modern technology while seem to ignore the other. Like with automation - everyone kinda knows it’s out there and yet there are so few businesses that are actually using robots and algorithms to automate their processes. If you’re still not sure if automation is right for you, just wait till you get to the bottom of this article - your mind will have totally changed by then.
What Is Automation?
Since “automation” itself is an umbrella term that may include many different things depending on the context, we are going to focus mostly on business automation, which is also known as business process automation (BPA). From a business owner’s perspective, business process automation is the use of technology to automate repeatable, day-to-day tasks. The ultimate goal behind any BPA is to get work done faster by routing information to the right person at the right time through user-defined rules and actions.

Why Should You Use Business Automation?
There’s hardly any need to advocate for business automation - however, there are certain benefits to it that you might not have realized before. Here they are:
  • More streamlined processes
What may have been a mess of miscommunication and unclear responsibilities suddenly becomes a nicely streamlined process. As a result, you get less time wasted, more focus on meaningful tasks that add real value to your business, and faster turnaround times.
  • More clarity
Any BPA starts with the process of choosing which processes can be automated. It’s at this designing stage that you get to break down a workflow like you would have never done otherwise and maybe even get some quality insights. Since automation is all about specific, clearly defined tasks, stages, and responsible people, mapping a process can really help you to identify the weak spot and bottlenecks that can be effectively remedied by BPA.
  • More compliance
The main idea behind business process automation is that every detail of a particular process is being recorded. This may really help some companies as the recorded data can be used to demonstrate compliance during various audits.
  • More standardized operations
Automation is synonymous with standardization. Once you get a certain process automated, it means you can expect a consistent, predictable outcome every time. This is really important for customer service and paperwork.
  • More satisfied customers
Customer service is the area that can benefit the most from automation. Customers typically expect a uniformly good, consistent, reliable, and quality service that is so hard to achieve with only humans involved. Together with machines, you can finally meet (and maybe even exceed) all of your customers’ expectations and set higher standards of your customer service.

source: bitrix24