Automate Your Marketing and Focus on Conversions

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The modern world has become governed largely by technology. It is important to relay information to our customers, but it is also critical to provide a human connection at pivotal points in the buyer journey or customer journey. By our provided solutions, you can enjoy the peace of mind to ‘set and forget’ the information relay while freeing the time of your sales and customer success teams to personally get involved when it matters most.

The Benefits of Automation
When you analyze your leads and customers, you will generally find that they all go down a similar path in relation to your offering. When you have identified that growth pattern, you can set up email marketing automation in order to communicate the information that you know is pertinent to that part of their journey. This automation takes the burden off of your sales team and customer success team by answering the repetitive questions and allowing them to focus on unique customer needs and lead conversions.

With our solutions, companies can integrate templates, documents, and other essential items from one repository resulting in a more cohesive brand and overall company efficiency. Sales teams also find automated tools beneficial because they can set calendars, reminders, and keep notes for follow up calls. When they can quickly access information before a meeting, they can walk into a conversation with all pertinent information. Better knowledge helps improve relationships and increase customer service abilities.

Professional Services
There are also professional services automation in CRM and business processes. You can set triggers and rules when you deal with clients providing a tailored experience. For example, they can get automatic invoicing or quoting or notifications that their order has been received and processed. The path of the client through all deal stages can be supported with automatic extensions. In the contact center, you can create the forwarding of incoming messages, voicemail, canned responses, and much more. In an online store, you can establish rules of payment automatization or discount applications.

Customer service teams can route chats and conversations with built-in tools. There are bots and AI tools that help answer frequently asked questions. For small businesses that do not have the manpower to handle all the inquiries coming their way, this can be especially helpful. By automating anticipated customer or lead needs, as well as internal reminders and notifications, your team will have the peace of mind that essential tasks are covered, information is being shared, and they can confidently communicate with customers about their unique processes.