Optimizing work processes in the office: 8 tips

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It's every operations manager's ongoing mission to streamline work and keep things running smoothly. Clearly, this is easier said than done, but there are some sure-fire ways that work, and others that diminish unproductive work processes in the office.

1. Why should I get on the cloud?

Optimization of work processes in the office starts with well-organized cloud storage. By storing all your key documents in one place, you reduce the risk of sharing an old format invoice or a presentation from the late 1990s.

2. How can I optimize HR processes?

Save time—and nerves—by creating an organizational chart, so everyone knows who to contact about what. Keep an up-to-date employee directory, with email, work phone and instant messenger information and save hours searching through paper copies that might have old information.

3. Why should I automate repetitive tasks?

For example, if you're lucky enough to have new leads flowing freely into your CRM, set up an automatic welcome email, personalized to each contact. If they open it or reply, you can automatically put them in the "interested" camp, and you'll see you've made a lot of progress without lifting a finger.

4. How should I use calendars and reminders?

Supervisor can update their employees' schedules with reminders about meetings, priorities and deadlines. Add in notifications, recurring reminders and more for a sleek tool that optimizes your work processes in the office.

5. How to optimize your CRM in the office?

Not only does this optimization make life easier for your team, but it keeps your customers very happy too.

6. How to improve communication at work?

An urgent question for your boss? Fire an instant message. A company-wide team meeting? Link up that video conference software.

7. How can I optimize project management?

With so many departments and individual tasks to keep tabs on, a lack of organization can lead to wasted money and lost clients.

Your project managers can easily monitor deadlines, reports, and the actual time taken for tasks. It's also useful for the employees themselves, who can keep an eye on their to-do lists, with each task assigned a priority.

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