Be More Realistic About the Time You Have

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We jot down task after task after task, sure that we can complete them all within a standard workday.

And yet, at the end of the day, we’re stunned to find that work remains unfinished and we have to dash to the finish line. We’re not deliberately deceiving ourselves about what we can do with our time.

Welcome to the land of magical thinking. We’ve all traveled there, chasing the chimera of unfettered time. We persuade ourselves there’s no harm in overambitious plans because they help us overachieve.

And especially with remote work, we are convinced of the need to show others our value through overwork. Yet when we indulge in magical thinking, we can disappoint others who depend on us, miss deadlines, feel depleted, and lose our inspiration.

But eventually — sooner than we imagine — every hero tires out.

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"My heavy workload is just temporary."

'The next time will be easier."

"I will collect immediate rewards."

"Others will follow my instructions."

"Without me, this work will be poor quality."

Source: HBD