How Hubdoc and Xero make remote working easier

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Hubdoc, a Xero product is now included in Xero Starter, Standard and Premium plans.

Just like Xero, Hubdoc is in the cloud so it’s accessible from anywhere. Small business owners and advisors can view real-time data anytime.

Hubdoc helps you automate processes to free up time for more important things.

Rethinking workflows

Small businesses and advisors will need to look at how they work together today and into the future. Many of our business processes that were reliant on human interaction have transitioned to digital very quickly – which isn’t a bad thing for efficiency. Dropping off a box full of bills and receipts to an accountant to enter the information and do the bookkeeping can now be a thing of the past.  

You now no longer need to send off all your source documents to your accountants for them to finalize your account.

Hubdoc helps small businesses transition to a paperless and increasingly automated operation. By using Hubdoc to easily submit bills and receipts to Xero, the workflow between small business and advisor is digitized. Not only does this automation remove the need to interact physically, it also creates a more up-to-date, accurate view of the business’ financials.

More time for planning

The result of this saved time and valuable information is the ability to stay in tune with what’s really important. It can also mean worrying less about tedious bookkeeping tasks. And in place of chasing clients for documents and entering the data on their behalf, advisors can spend more time on providing valuable business advice and forecasting to help plan for what’s next. Furthermore, Hubdoc generates a paperless, cloud-based filing cabinet for financial documents that are accessible anywhere for quick reference and insight.

Getting started with Hubdoc

Now Xero and Hubdoc can be utilized together once you activate your Xero Account.

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